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The Spanish La Liga season must be completed – Luis Rubiales

The Spanish La Liga season must be completed

The chance of canceling the whole season is increasing day by day. But the president of the Spanish football federation Luis Rubiales thinks it differently. The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RSFF) president thought that the Spanish La Liga season must be completed. He is too desperate to finish the 2019/20 season successfully.

The newborn disease Coronvirus has stopped all the events of sports. All the competitions are in the infirming position it seems. Due to the massive attack of the Coronavirus, the whole of Spain is suffering. So, football fans around the world are fearing of missing the Spanish La Liga season.

The current season of La Liga has been postponed for an unspecified period of time already. In the last 10th March 2020, the last match of La Liga took place. At the end of May, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League final were about to take place but they are also postponed. Besides, the upcoming 2020 UEFA Euro Championship has been postponed for a year also. All because of the Coronavirus. 

In the world, the spreading of Coronavirus is still increasing. It has been said that the virus was found in all 198 countries. More than five lakhs of peoples have been infected by the deadly virus. At the same time, a total of 21 thousand peoples have lost their lives. In Spain, the infected numbers are increased to 50 thousand almost. And more than 3500 peoples have died there already.

In this critical situation, the chance of returning to the ground for all the European league competitions are getting narrower. But the Royal Spanish Football Federation president 42nd-year-old Luis Rubiales said that the La Liga season’s regular period will be increased if needs. The Spanish football federation wants to secure every match of the ongoing season 2019/20. Their main target is to finish the league season successfully. No, they just can not demote the teams to the 2nd division right now. At the same time, the way of the promotion should be perfected. More than a hundred clubs there all are waiting to finish the season. 

When the whole nation will recover from the problem, then it will be a perfect time to finish the season. Yes, he hopes at the beginning of May, the La Liga season might resume. Though he does not think that will be possible. But he wants to get proved wrong. They have to increase the season’s time period. The target is to secure the season. It is their main thought right now.

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