Thomas Meunier doesn’t want to move anywhere

Thomas Meunier was tried to leave Paris this summer. Why? The matter is simple and as usual, it is about money. His contract expires in a year and employers are not entirely sure whether they want to extend the contract with him. Although Thomas Meunier doesn’t want to move anywhere.

Therefore, it is better to sell it now rather than lose it completely for free. However, Meunier failed to push anywhere and Belgian in an interview with “RTBF” himself revealed why it did not happen.

I could leave because there were various options, but none satisfied me or my club. None suited us one hundred percent. Besides, I’ve always said I want to stay in Paris. I still have a contract year and I will strive to extend it, although the situation is complicated because I am no longer the first choice in my position.

Meunier is not really a basic player but you can’t absolutely say that he is unnecessary. It is the perfect complement to the composition and therefore should not be thrown away.

If such a substitute has ambitions and is still talking about it loudly, like Belgian in this case, then it can only bring only benefits. So selling it would be unreasonable and in the winter it will even be stupid. Give him that contract, he deserved it.