Tite thought Neymar is one of the three best forwards in the World

Neymar, the current talk of the time. He is a Brazilian national team football player and also playing for the French club Paris Saint Germain. For many reasons, he has come to th spotlight in recent time. For the last two months, he tried to move to the Spanish giants club Barcelona. The last two months were the summer transfer window and now, the window has closed. The Brazilian forward is now practising with his national team and taking preparation for the International schedule. The current boss of Brazil Tite still thought that Neymar is one of the three best forwards in the World!

The 27 years old forward is still one of the inseparable parts in the national team, according to the current Brazil coach Tite as well as one of the three forwards in the World.

In the next Saturday, Brazil will play against Colombia which is an international friendly match. The current PSG forward Neymar has the possibility to take part in the game. In the last June, Brazil played against Qatar which was just a preparation match before the Copa America. During the match, the most expensive player in the World got injured and ruled out from the national team. However, his team won the Copa America title excluding him.

After the end of the last season, Neymar came to the spotlight when he revealed that he wanted to move to his former club Barcelona. So, in the new season of Ligue 1, the current PSG coach Tuchel has not grounded him yet. Tuchel made things clear that before fixing the Brazilian’s destination, he will not ground him. So, the 27 years old player could not take part in the pre-season matches as well.

Earlier today, in a press conference, Tite revealed that he has been impressed by Neymar’s performance on the ground. However, the Brazilian coach also stated that considering the individual skills and performance, he is keeping the Argentine legend Lionel Messi ahead and then Cristiano Ronaldo. Because they have taken themselves to another level. And now, a new era has started. It is time for Neymar and Eden Hazard. Both of them are amazing players. Yes, of course, he is taking Neymar as one step ahead of Hazard. Tite believes that both Neymar and Hazard used to think almost the same but the Brazilian has the ability to make the thought true within a very short time. Which means, he used to make the right decisions instantly. So, Neymar is unstoppable.