Tottenham’s performance against Burnley impressed Mourinho

After facing the defeat against Manchester United, the team Tottenham Hotspur became furious. They were desperate to turn around. So, in their next match, the Spurs simply destroyed Burnley. According to the report, Tottenham’s performance against Burnley impressed Mourinho! In the whole match, the Spurs kept their dominance and as the hot favorite, they got a big victory. They did not give any pocket to the opponent. After the match, their new boss Jose Mourinho faced the press conference where he stated it as the reaction for their last defeat.

In the English Premier League, earlier yesterday, at the home venue Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the London’s club won by a 5 – 0 goal. The captain of the team Harry Kane scored two goals and played a vital role in the big victory. Son Heung-Min scored an important goal with his own effort. And the rest two goals were scored by Lucas Moura and Sissoko.

The new coach of the Spurs Jose Mourinho who has taken control of the club after the sacking Mauricio Pochettino. He is very happy for his players’ performance. When they returned with the empty hand from the Old Trafford, Mourinho’s apprentices have turned around and it is a very important thing to him. He does not want his players to feel disappointed after facing a defeat. After facing a defeat, the players had to reveal the reaction and now, they have done it successfully. 

From the beginning of the match against Burnley, everybody understood that they were desperate for the victory. Considering all the facts of the game, it is really an amazing performance. They have done things perfectly on the ground. They are quite impressive actually. To speak the truth, in both halves, their performance was eye-catchy. In the 32nd minute, the goal of Son Heung-Min was just more than expected. They could score more goals in the match but still, his players’ performance impressed him a lot.

The goals flood started in the 4th minute of the game and in the first half, the Spurs scored three goals and took control of the game. Kane started the goals flood in the 4th minute and just five minutes later, Lucas Moura joined to celebrate the 2nd goal. In the 32nd minute, Son Min scored the 3rd goal. Kane scored his 2nd goal and made the scoreline 4 – 0 in 54th minute and the final goal was scored by Sissoko in the 74th minute of the game.