Two Red cards stopped Ajax against Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge

The Dutch professional football club Ajax played the 4th round of the Champions League but this time luck betrayed them completely. Two of their players were given the Red cards in their last match. Yes, the Two Red cards stopped Ajax against Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge!

Since the very beginning, the drama started. Yes, the Dutch team went ahead through the suicidal goal and the drama continued till the end. The match consisted of two red cards and two suicidal goals. In a moment, Chelsea went behind by a 4 – 1 goal. But from there, they turned around. In the end, they found the comfortable draw against the nine men’s squad Ajax.

Ajax has come to the spotlight since the last season of the Premier League. Yes, obviously the team which played the last semi-final in the UCL was much stronger than the current. They possessed De Ligt and De Jong last time but now, the top two players left the club. But still, they are quite strong no doubt. Earlier today at the Stamford Bridge, the match in group H of the UCL took place between Chelsea and Ajax. The match ended with a 4 – 4 goals. In the last round, against Ajax at the home venue of the Dutch club, the Blues won by a 1 – 0 goal.

At the beginning of the match, Abraham made a suicidal goal and Ajax went ahead. But just two minutes later, through the successful spot-kick of Jorginho, the Blues returned to the game. In the 20th minute, the Dutch team once again went ahead by the head of Promes. And 15 minutes later, due to the fault of Kepa, the Blues conceded the 3rd goal. The Morocco defender Hakim Ziyech made the cross but it was not so dangerous but Kepa missed the ball and it went to the net. In the 10th minute of the 2nd half, the Dutch midfielder Van de Beek made the scoreline 4 – 1 and so, the home team became cornered. But the more exciting was left still. Eight minutes later, Azpilicueta reduced the goal difference. 

Right after that, the last time semi-finalists got a big shock. In two minutes, two players of the team were given the Red card. So, after their banishment, Ajax conceded the 3rd goal from the penalty. Once again Jorginho made a successful shot. By losing two defenders, the defense of Ajax became weaker and the Blues took the chance properly. In the 74th minute, Willian made the corner but the head of Zouma was stopped by the crossbar. In return ball, the new defender James made the scoreline 4 – 4.