UAE whitewashed the Netherlands in the T20I series

The United Arab Emirates cricket team which is also known as the Emirati cricket team is currently visiting the Netherlands. They were scheduled to play a T20I series against the host team. The T20I series consists of four matches and within 3rd to 8th August 2019, the four T20I matches took place already. We used to consider the Netherlands cricket team as the balanced T20 team and the United Arab Emirates are comparatively weaker than the Dutch. But this time, the UAE has become much balanced than the Dutch. According to the last update, UAE whitewashed the Netherlands in the T20I series.

Earlier, the guest team United Arab Emirates confirmed the T20I series by winning the first three matches consecutively. The Ducth had a chance of avoiding the whitewash by winning the 4th T20I match but they could not do that. As a result, the home team was whitewashed against the UAE.

If we consider the ICC T20I ranking, the Dutch is standing on the 13th position and the United Arab Emirates are three places behind than the Dutch. They are holding the 16th position. But hopefully, by winning the T20I series against the Netherlands, the UAE would promote their position.

The Dutch team played pretty well in their innings.ย  O’Dowd and Muburgh opened their innings and jointly added 46 runs, O’Dowd scored 28 runs and gone at first. Top six players of the Dutch team played comparatively better and in 20 overs, the Netherlands scored 150 runs in exchange for six wickets. The UAE bowlers were quite expensive in the match but Sultan Ahmed took two wickets for them.

Later, the UAE started to chase. Ashfaq and Zawar opened the innings but in 10 runs, their opening partnership was broken. The opening was not as expected though they were going to chase a big total. Opener Ashfaq played too well and alone, he scored 75 runs and made a long bond with Ghulam Shabber.

Ghulam Shabber scored 58 runs. They led the team near the victory. Finally, Ghulam Shabber and D’Silva finished the chase. The UAE had to play 19.4 overs to make the chase successful. They lost just three wickets during the chase.

Now, the United Arab Emirates has presented an amazing performance in the Netherlands tour this time and simply destroyed the home team easily.