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Umar Akmal fearing of facing the lifetime banishment from cricket

Umar Akmal fearing of facing the lifetime banishment from cricket

The Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal can not keep the successful journey continue. But his undisciplined life used to keep him on the front line of the news portals several times. Now, the 29 years old occasional wicket-keeper Umar Akmal fearing of facing the lifetime banishment from cricket.

Umar Akmal is the Pakistani right-handed batsman who is currently just 29. In his debut Test match, the destructive batsman made a century. His batting style used to attack the cricket fans. Earlier, he was considered one of the rising talents in the young generation.

Umar Akmal is the 2nd man of the Akmal brothers and his elder brother Kamran Akmal has served the Pakistan national cricket team for a long time. He is also a wicket-keeper batsman. However, just a few months ago, Umar made the misbehave with the trainer and left the practice ground. So, the big punishment was waiting for him. Though the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not give any punishment but a chance to take part in the Pakistan Super League. But just before the PSL season started, PCB changed their decision. The reason is too strong right now.

He broke two rules. Because of the match-fixing and spot-fixing, from the Pakistan Super League, he was banished for the unspecified period of time. He broke the law of 2.4.4 and so, PCB charged against the destructive batsman. Till the 31st March 2020, Umar Akmal was given time for show cause. The nearest source of Umar told to the PTI that Umar has accepted all the charges against him. And against them, he will not make his appeal. He has understood that he made the wrong decisions of breaking the rules. The 2nd brother of the Akmals is regretting right now.

According to the anti-corruption rules of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) 2.4.4, if someone gets the offer for match-fixing, he must inform the authorities in time. If he fails to do so, he can be banished from at least six months to the lifetime.

Against the Lions, Umar Akmal represented the Green Army for the last time in the T20I series. But, in that series, he failed completely to judge his name. So, in the series against Bangladesh, he got no place into the squad. Umar Akmal who played his last ODI against Australia in 31st March 2019 against Australia. By playing 121 ODIs in his professional career, he has scored 3194 runs so far.

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