Valverde praised Griezmann for the outstanding performance

Antoine Griezmann is not just only France football star but he has become a topic in Barcelona, Spain. At the Camp Nou, he has started to present his magical performance. The first round of the new season in La Liga was not good for the Spanish champion Barcelona. They faced a defeat against Athletic Bilbao in their inaugural match. Suarez left the ground by facing injury and Griezmann was just a shadow. But, in the 2nd round of La Liga, Griezmann played a vital role and Barcelona found a big victory. After the match, Barca coach Valverde praised Griezmann for the outstanding performance. The current Barca coach has though that the French star has done his task completely in the match and he has very satisfied.

At the Camp Nou, earlier today, Barcelona won by a 5 – 2 goals against Real Betis and in the match, Antoine Griezmann scored two goals. He is not only a good scorer but also assisted one in the match. In the whole match, Griezmann played brilliantly.

Those who enjoyed the match whole time obviously watched his brilliant performance. Barcelona which Spanish club started the new season facing the defeat by a 1 – 0 goal against Bilbao and in the match, Griezmann could not bring justice to his name. But, in the 2nd match, the Frenchman proved himself.

Due to the injury, against Real Betis, three top-rated attackers of Barca Messi-Suarez-Neymar or simply ‘MSD’ could not play but Griezmann did not want the Barca fans to fell their lackings. In the emergency moment, the World Cup-winning forward has done his job perfectly.

SO, Barca boss has praised him a lot. He stated that considering the injury fact, it was a most important day for the French star and he answered his call amazingly. To help the team, he went to the midfield and played a role. When the attackers help the midfield and defence, the chance of winning the match increase.

On the opposite way of the game, Fekir led the team Real Betis ahead in the 15th minute of the game. In the 41st minute of the game, Griezmann scored the first goal for Barca and in the 50th minute, from the 20 yards of the goal, the French striker found the net.

It was just an amazing curve shot that reminded the shot of Lionel Messi. After the match, the number 17 stated that he watched Messi used the same style in the practice session and he followed it in the match.