Perez: We worked on the transfer of Lewandowski

The attempted transfer of Robert Lewandowski to Real Madrid is one of the largest transactions of the last decade among those that have not been finalized. Poland Player was greedily desired by Bayern Munich and he liked it very much. He even changed the agent to allow him to transfer but even that didn’t help. The striker recently signed another contract with Bayern, somehow ending agonizing about his departure. Florentino Perez spoke on this topic, revealing in the pages of Spanish website MARKA why the transfer did not take place. Perez: We worked on the transfer of Lewandowski.

There are players who are simply not for sale. We’ve been working on Lewandowski’s transfer for several years, but to no avail. He doesn’t have a leave clause in the contract, and Bayern refused to sell it.


We also expected such a version of events. The case of the fall of this transfer was not entirely clear but it was clearly suspected that it did not take place only because of Bayern Munich. We now know that this is true. Bavarians simply did not want to see their team without Robert and since they had skilfully secured themselves in the contract, they were not obliged to get rid of Poland player at any stage of his adventure in Munich.

Is that good I think not. Lewandowski has already gained so much in Germany that he owed this transfer like a dog’s bud. Even if he were to fail in Madrid, his career was so full of titles that he could afford it. Now we will not know if we would have the first Polish Pichichi Trophy. Well, unless Friday goes to Barcelona ​​but now it’s not expected.