Zidane is not worrying for their defeat against Mallorca

Can you just believe it? Real Madrid has tested their first defeat in the new season of La Liga but according to the report, the French coach Zidane is not worrying for their defeat against Mallorca! Though his team Real Madrid faced an unfortunate defeat against the lower-ranked team Mallorca earlier today but Zidane is not ready to blame his players. He is observing the lackings of his apprentices and also lackings of the continuity. But still, he believes that Real Madrid can do it. He is inspiring his team to bring more continuous performance in the rest of the time of the season.

After six seasons, Mallorca has returned to the main event of the La Liga but against them, earlier today, the Spanish giants faced a defeat! The match was won by Mallorca with a 1 – 0 goal difference. After 2009, against Mallorca, it is the 1st defeat of Real Madrid. The team of Zidane grabbed the top position on La Liga for the last three weeks but after facing the defeat against Mallorca, they have been demoted to the 2nd position. Considering the last three matches, the team of Zidane just achieved four points as we speak. On the other side, their rival and the current La Liga champion Barcelona won their last four matches and moved to the top position.

At the home venue of Mallorca, Real Madrid could not create so many chances and so after the match, Zidane revealed his opinion about the performance os hi team. he stated that the main problem of the team is, they have been forced to prove that Real is a good team every three days but it is the toughest thing. They can not do it every time. No, he is not ready to tell that he is worrying because he does not like the word. But, if they want to win something in the season, they have to keep their good performance continue.

Due to the injury, players like Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and a number of players could not take part against Mallorca but Zidane does not want to present it as an excuse. No, injury is not an excuse but they have players who are not injured and also plenty of talented players as well. But when the time comes, they have to show that they are worthy.