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Arturo Vidal wants to stay at the Camp Nou

Arturo Vidal wants to stay at the Camp Nou

it seems that to buy young talents at the Nou Camp, Barcelona might sell him out or makes an exchange offer after adding some cash. But the Chilean midfielder is not happy with that. Reportedly, Arturo Vidal wants to stay at the Camp Nou.

Arturo Vidal is the Chilean professional footballer and playing for the Spanish club Barcelona. The 33 years old is still regarded as one of the best midfielders in the current era who is still connected with the Chilean national side.

The football on the ground is not taking place right now for the Corona outbreak. But both physically and mentally the Chilean midfielder is feeling very good. In the dressing room of the Catalan club, he feels well with his charming friends. Considering all the facts, the midfielder is happy at the Camp Nou. So, he wants to stay at the Nou Camp reportedly.

With the La Liga team, Vidal’s current agreement will end in the next June 2021. In the next summer transfer, there is a rumour about him to move to the Italian side Inter Milan. When Arturo Vidal played for the Italian champion Juventus for a total of four seasons, Antonio Conte was their manager. Now, he is in charge of the San Siro. So, the former boss wants to bring his 33 years old apprentice back. 

But earlier this week, in the Live of the Instagram, the 33 years old revealed that he wants to stay at the Camp Nou. He also leaked that he is happy at the Camp Nou and wants to stay there. Vidal is ready to take the challenge with the club much more now than at any time. There is a top-rated group here in Barca and in the dressing room, he has good friends.

To win the La Liga and the Champions League, the 33 years old midfielder is ready to play wearing the shirt of the La Liga champion. In the year 2018, the top-rated midfielder left the German club Bayern Munich and joined at the Camp Nou. 

Physically, Arturo Vidal is feeling better than at any time. In his whole career, he did not get the time like now to prepare himself, the Chilean midfielder stated that. To win the La Liga and Champions League, he thinks himself ready. In La Liga, there are still eleven rounds are in hand. Real Madrid which team is holding the 2nd position, Barcelona is still two points ahead of them.

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