Barcelona got the expected result against Slavia Praha

Slavia Praha is the Czech Republic club and playing the Champions League right now. But they have a bit of bad luck. In their group level, they have groupmates like Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Borussia Dortmund. So, the group can be called the ‘Death Group’ in the season. Earlier today, the Czech champion played against the Catalan club at their home venue but could not stop the La Liga champion. The apprentices of Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona got the expected result against Slavia Praha!

By scoring the impressing goal of Lionel Messi, Barcelona made the amazing start against the Czech champion but later, the home team turned around which was much more impressive. So, the guest team was almost cornered. But finally, once again Messi magic or we can say that through the LM10, Barcelona scored the 2nd goal and it was a suicidal one. So, the Catalan club left the ground with a comfortable victory.

At the venue of Slavia, the Group F match of the Champions League took place earlier today where the five-times Champions League winner Barcelona won by a 2 - 1 goal. With an amazing attack, Lionel Messi led his team ahead in the 3rd minute of the game. He was passed from his teammate and passed it to Arthur and went into the ball. Arthur passed the ball to the Argentine and with an amazing touch, the Barcelona skipper found the net. In the season of the Champions League, it is the first goal of Lionel Messi and in the history of the UCL, he is the very first player to score goals in consecutive 15 Champions League seasons.

After getting the first goal, Barcelona’s speed was increased but could not find any certain chance. In the meantime, the 20th minute, the local team got a chance but Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen saved the guest team. Nine minutes later, Luis Suarez missed a chance. Slavia which team was behind considering the ball possession but sometimes, they made a number of attacks. Within just 20 seconds, they got two chances but could not use it. 

Barcelona could not stop the amazing Slavia Praha in the 2nd half. With a balanced attack, in 50th minute of the game, the local team returned to the game. Jan Boril scored the most important goal for the local team. However, they could not celebrate the goal for a long but just seven minutes later, Messi took a free-kick and near the line, Suarez took a shot which was touched by a local team player and went to the net.