Lazio won the Italian Super Cup by defeating Juventus

The Italian most successful club Juventus failed to keep their throne but faced a heartbroken defeat in a final match. Through the defeat, they have lost the title! No, we are not talking about the Serie A title but they have lost the Italian Super Cup title so far. Lazio won the Italian Super Cup by defeating Juventus! In the beginning, Lazio went ahead. At the end of the first half, Paulo Dybala led the Serie A champion to the game. But in the 2nd half, once again, Lazio took the lead and this time, the Old Lady failed to turn around. The most successful team in the Italian Super Cup could not win the title this time but by defeating them, Lazio won their 5th Super Cup trophy earlier today.

At the King Saud University Stadium, earlier today the 32nd fight of the Italian Super Cup took place between Lazio and Juventus. Most surprisingly, the Old Lady was defeated by a 3 - 1 goal against Lazio. Including the victory, Lazio managed a total of three victories against the most successful team in the competition. In the season, the Killer Lady tasted the defeat just twice times. And both of them are in the same month, against the same opponent, by the same difference!

In the 16th minute of the game, Lazio went ahead. Savic passed the ball and from the ten yards, Luis Alberto found the net. Just before the first half, the Argentine winger Paulo Dybala scored a goal for the Old Lady and they have returned to the game. The shit of Cristiano could not find the mark and the goalkeeper could not control the ball clearly. The Argentine young talent got the ball and did the rest thing easily. In the 73rd minute, through an amazing goal of Lulic, Lazio went ahead once again. In the additional minutes, the Juve star Bentancur got the 2nd yellow card and left the ground. Just a minute later, Lazio got the free-kick and Cataldi found the net.ย 

So, after the year 2017, once again Lazio beat Juventus and won the Italian Super Cup title. Juventus which team won the last eight Serie A title consecutively, the top flight of the Italian competition and so, they are playing the Super Cup for the last eight years. Out of the eight, they got Lazio four times. Considering all, both teams faced each other five times in the competition. More than them, no team played against each other for the Super Cup.