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The lifeless Bundesliga is returning

The lifeless Bundesliga is returning

More than two months have passed since when the European league football competitions have been postponed. Now, the waitings have come to an end. Just one more day. From the next day, the German Bundesliga is going to return to the ground. But there are so many restrictions as we speak. After considering the restrictions, it seems that the lifeless Bundesliga is returning.

German Football League or DFL is planning to return Bundesliga and they have some guidelines which must be maintained by the players, referees, coaches, and related peoples. The guidelines consist of 51 pages where they have described every rule. During the game, what the substitute players will do, when they will make their move to the ground before the game, how they will celebrate the goal, in a word everything.

In the DFL’s plan, the players, coaches, and the rest members of the club will be placed into the main part. They must be tested at least twice times in a week and, before the match day, they must be tested. If someone comes positive, he must be removed from the other players. But all the players of the club will be removed or not, the state administration should take the decision.

All in all, during the game, a total of three hundred peoples can stay at the selected venue which consists of the players, coaches, referees, match authorities, journalists, photographers, and security. In the emptied gallery, the peoples who will be in charge of the journalists and TV cameras will be placed by maintaining social distance. Just outside of the stadium, the security people will maintain every gathering. The audiences will be allowed there.

However, there are so many rules before and after the match which will be maintained must. The teams will be divided into small groups and come to the ground. They will have to be followed the social distances. 

In the dressing room, they must follow the social distances. Outside of the ground, every people must wear a mask. The match balls will be keeping disinfected several times during the match. In the ground, there will be physical contacts no doubt, the game is like that. But after the score, the players must not celebrate like before.

And before and after the match day? The players or any member of their family cannot go outside and no one can visit their home. Yes, the rules will be followed strictly.

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