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Chris Smalling on loan to AS Roma for €3m and €17m obligation to buy

Chris Smalling on loan to Roma for €3m and €17m obligation

A year ago Chris Smalling went, let’s not be afraid to use this word in exile to Rome, no one placed too much hope in this movement. Now, Chris Smalling on loan to Roma for €3m and €17m obligation to buy.

However, AS Roma took him in because they had a defensive hole and there was no need to pay for the Englishman in the end, he went only on loan. Manchester just wanted to get rid of him so as not to listen to his complaining about the fact that the basic pair of defenders is created by Victor Lindelof with Harry Maguire. So nobody expected that a few months later the issue of his transfer would be negotiated sharply.


But the current situation Chris Smalling introduced himself perfectly to the composition of the Romans and not only did he get a place in the basic eleven but he could easily be called the pillar of the band.

The Italians sensed the opportunity because a good islander playing Serie A is a rarer phenomenon than the tropical monsoons. So negotiations began, which lasted a long time because Roma wanted to take advantage of the low price for Smalling and Manchester decided that he would suddenly conquer her as the defender remembered how to play football well.

It seemed that there would be no compromise and the Englishman would eventually return to Old Trafford but he was supposed to put a lot of pressure on the Romans not to let it happen. In recent weeks, Manchester’s defensive began to play quite decently, so Smalling just made sure that in Manchester many minutes will not get.

His pressure could prove crucial, as Nicolo Schira reports that the clubs have finally come to an agreement and negotiated a mutually satisfactory consensus. What? Smalling is to be loaned out again and for this option, Manchester United will receive EUR 3 million from AS Roma. But this is not the end.

The record that most arrange Manchester is the commitment of the Italians to buy a defender after the season for another 17 million. The total sum will not be so bad at all, considering the fact that we are talking about a nearly 31-year-old defender who had problems with stabilizing his form until he played in Roma.

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