CRUSHING CRAVINGS People often confuse them with hunger

Improve mood and focus and boost circulation and oxygen delivery

Crushing Cravings

Crushing Cravings are a powerful feeling. People often confuse them with hunger - however, the two are not the same thing. Hunger is caused by various complex physiological signals that involve the body’s need for energy and nutrients.

This is because cravings are not about satisfying your body’s need for energy. Often, people get cravings despite just having finished a fulfilling, nutritious meal.

Instead, it is your brain calling for a reward and driving you towards satisfying the pleasure signals.

Crushing Cravings

Having this need for highly rewarding food is not natural and has nothing to do with real hunger. Cravings for sugar, carbs and junk food are actually very similar to cravings other addictive substances.

The obsessive nature and thought processes are identical. And when we take in extra energy, the body must do something with it, storing that energy into fat cells, causing weight gain.

How do we turn off these cravings? By utilizing a stack of nutrients and supplements called nootropics that improve brain performance and health. Nootropics are neurological stimulants that act on the brain’s reward centers.

They nourish these receptor sites, providing satisfaction to the brain; you think clearer, you are more focused, your brain is more alert. Your desire to eat changes from entertainment to nutritional needs. You eat less and make better choices.

Weight management is all about the control of your appetite. Your appetite is controlled by your cravings and cravings are controlled by your mind.

Optimum Coffee gives your brain back the power to turn the volume way down on unwanted cravings.

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