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La Liga is returning with a tight schedule

La Liga is returning with a tight schedule

In Spain, the outbreak of the lethal Coronavirus has reduced a bit but the health risk is still too higher. But by bypassing the Coronavirus, the top-flight in Spain is going to return. The report says that the Spanish La Liga is returning with a tight schedule.

In the next Thursday night, Sevilla and Real Betis will face against each other and it will be the inaugural match after resuming the La Liga season. The matches of the league will be executed at the empty stadium. The Coronavirus is too deadly and infectious. So, to escape it, the league authorities are taking the highest level of precaution. 


Out of the top five leagues in Europe, in the last month, the German tournament Bundesliga has returned to the ground first. And they are surrounded by many rules to protect the players from the infection of the lethal COVID-19. This time, La Liga will follow them no doubt.

The time will say how many rules will be followed. But in the history of La Liga, the season will be too strange no doubt. Because of the COVID-19, in the middle of the season, the league authorities have postponed the tournament. The break does not usually see between the two seasons. 

There are still eleven rounds to go and it will be finished within a little more than a month, according to the plan of the league authorities. After passing almost two months at home, at the beginning of the last May, the clubs have returned to the floor for the practice session of course. They started with the individual practice and now, they have come to the 4th stage. In the last week, they have been given permission for the team practice. 

The clubs did not get much time for taking the full preparation. Besides, the schedules are too tight and so, the players might be at risk of getting injured. So, the coaches of the different clubs are worried about it. But in a different situation, they are taking preparation to blend in. However, the rules of the substitute players have been changed from three to five. So, the coaches are now a little bit comfortable. 

However, the Barca coach Setien is thinking about the tight schedule and his squad. They have plenty of matches ahead but their squad is too small for that. He also thinks about the empty stadium. Setien has made thinks clear. He will feel the lacking of supporters.

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