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Liton-Soumya will break Tamim’s record

Liton-Soumya will break Tamim's record

Tamim Iqbal is the dashing opener of the Bangladesh cricket and the current captain of the BD ODI squad. He has predicted that Liton-Soumya will break Tamim’s record.

In the Bangladesh cricket, the opener Tamim Iqbal has made a number of records. But the top-rated opener believes that he might not hold the records for a long time. And he is quite certain that Liton Das or Soumya Sarkar will own the records sooner or later.


Earlier yesterday’s night, in the regular online chat of Tamim Iqbal, the guests were Soumya, Liton, and Muminul. Later, Taijul Islam joined there. In the Live chat, Tamim Iqbal made the comment about Soumya and Liton Das.

The Live chat of Tamim Iqbal has become so popular already. And earlier yesterday night, Tamim told that to speak the truth the players Soumya and Liton are too great. And if anyone in BD cricket will break his records, it will be Soumya and Liton Das, he has no doubt in it. He wanted them to mark his word. They have some GOD gifted talents and now, they are playing for the Tigers. 

Yes, sometimes, they criticize too quickly but how much they will play for the Tigers, they will break the records too quickly. And has the chance to make the records for their own. Within the next seven years, they might want to come and say that Tamim predicted them earlier.

Yes, Tamim Iqbal did not say too wrong about them. They have given some hints already. In the One Day International cricket, Liton Das already owned the record from Tamim Iqbal of making the highest individual runs. In the year 2009, Tamim Iqbal scored the highest 154 individual runs in the history of the BD cricket against Zimbabwe. And in the last March against the same opponent Zimbabwe, Liton Das has overtaken Tamim Iqbal and owned the record. He has scored the highest 176 runs individually.

In the last year, Soumya has shared the record of Tamim in Test cricket. Against New Zealand in the last year, Soumya scored a century which was his first in the long format cricket by facing 96 balls. In the year 2010 at Lords, Tamim made the record of making a century of facing 96 balls. It was the fastest Test century in BD cricket history. In yesterday’s LIve show, Tamim talked about these two innings of Liton Das and Soumya Sarkar.

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