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Real Madrid only two points away to win their 34th LaLiga title

Real Madrid only two points away to win 34th LaLiga title

Within a few days, we will find out whether good disposition after the pandemic will allow the team from the Spanish capital to win the national championship. Real Madrid only two points away to win their 34th LaLiga title.

However, Real Madrid started the meeting in the best possible way. To score a goal in the first quarter is always a boost of positive energy. On the other hand, scoring two goals after a quarter of an hour is a sign that Real is heading from the victory that extends one hand towards the trophy for the triumph in LaLiga.


At the very beginning, Casemiro gave the ball to Ferland Mendy on the left. The Frenchman almost throughout the whole action was looking for a partner to play the ball but when no one showed up, the defender ran towards the penalty area. It was a brave but right decision. Admittedly, Mendy pushed to the end of the ground and he still managed to hit the Granada goal.

This season, we’ve got used to the Real goals scored by the French but usually the first violin is played by Karim Benzema. Luka Modric did not hesitate and after a while, he played on the wing to Benzema and he hit the goal from an acute angle. Helpless home defenders could only watch the ball fall into the net again.

The beginning of the second half began badly for Real Madrid because Casemiro’s catastrophic loss in the middle of the field resulted in a goal loss. The Brazilian apparently forgot that he is positioned as a defensive midfielder and thus plays a critical position.

However, someone else launched the offensive because it was Yangel Herrera who played the ball behind the defenders and Darwin Machís caught it. Thanks to the Venezuelan goal, the fantastic Thibaut Courtois series ended without a goal lost.

Granada ran out of time to full happiness and additional precision before Courtois’ goal. However, Real fell into an inexplicable collapse at the end of the meeting. It looked as if everyone in the Madrid camp was convinced that the two goals scored were enough and gave the impression of being completely unshaken by the fact that at their own request they did not keep a clean account.

Zinedine Zidane probably still assumes that pragmatism and self-calculation are enough to complete happiness. The Frenchman may be right but mainly because of the small number of meetings until the end of the season.

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