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Braithwaite is at the Camp Nou because of his mental strength

Braithwaite is at the Camp Nou because of his mental strength

Young Danish forward did not become so surprised to come to the top-rated club in his professional career all of a sudden. Even he has demanded that at his time, he knew that he will play for a big club. But the 28 years old Braithwaite is at the Camp Nou because of his mental strength.

Barcelona faced difficulty just after the last January transfer. Then, in a special situation, they brought the Danish professional forward Martin Braithwaite from Leganes. About the hot topic, there were a lot of discussions and criticizes came from the fans.

Yes, the former Leganes player believes that he has the ability to play for a big club like Barcelona. So, he is here right now. Barcelona also is fully aware of his mental strength, the Danish striker believes that.

In the last February, the regular forward of Barcelona Ousmane Dembele has fallen into the injury. Yes, the hamstring injury and he is out of the ground for six months. So, in the emergency situation, Barcelona got the permission to buy a forward, the La Liga authorities have granted their appeal. By using the chance, from the La Liga club Leganes, the Spanish champion brought the Danish forward Martin Braithwaite.

The La Liga giants Barca president and the sporting director of the team Erik Abidal made a sitting with the Danish forward and informed him of the reason for bringing him at the Nou Camp. The main reason is his mental strength. In recent times, the news portal AFP has revealed the information when the took the interview of the 28 years old Martin Braithwaite.

Braithwaite told that Barcelona knew about him so much. They also knew about his mental strength, he believed. To bring him at the Camp Nou, it was a reason, Barca officials informed that. They thought that Braithwaite was ready to take the challenge. At the age of his 18th, he played for the Danish club. Back then, he did not give so much importance. But a broken leg has changed his thought. In his notebook, he started to write down his target.

However, he was a professional footballer at that time but did not have respect at all. He took that as an obvious. Just a year later, he moved to the French club, Toulouse. At that time, he wrote that when he will be at 27 or 28, he will play for a big club in the world. And now, he is at Camp Nou.

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