Gabriel Jesus is learning from the Argentine striker Aguero

Gabriel Jesus is a Brazilian professional football player and one of the top-rated striker in Brazilian national team. At the beginning of his career, Jesus used to play as the right-winger. And right now, at the Etihad Stadium, he has got his previous position back. Along with that, he accepted the Argentine forward Sergio Aguero as the club legend and reportedly Gabriel Jesus is learning from the Argentine striker Aguero.

Generally, at the same time, Aguero and Jesus cannot be seen on the ground most of the time. But yesterday, at the home venue of Man City, they faced Southampton in the League Cup. The home team Man City won by a 3 – 1 goal. In the match, the Man City boss Pep Guardiola grounded these two top-rated forwards with the starting eleven. Though Sergio Aguero was the main striker but Jesus got a big place to control. He was the right-winger.

The 22nd years old Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus started his professional career with Palmeiras and played for the club two long seasons. In that club, Jesus played in the same position. Besides, wearing the Brazilian national jersey in the last Copa America 2019, the Brazilian coach Tite also grounded him as the right-winger. No, the Brazilian forward is not sad for changing his position but he is very happy. Jesus stated that he likes the position and also he has respect for his current boss’s decision. 

From the last season of Copa America, he is playing as the right-winger and now, he is very fond of the position. The 22nd years old star also added that in his previous Brazilian club he used to play as the right-winger. Later, he played as the striker. Basically, he likes both positions. Yes, he can play in both position and it is very important.

In the ongoing season of the Premier League, Gabriel Jesus made a total of seven starting eleven but then his playing number, the Argentine striker Sergio Aguero scored more goals. By playing 12 matches, Aguero scored 12 goals so far. To become the perfect finisher, Jesus has many things to learn from the highest goal scorer of the club Sergio Aguero. He stated that it is tough to describe Aguero. He is the highest goal scorer of the club and in every match, Aguero showed them why he is the top goal scorer. Jesus believed to learn from Aguero because he is a legend.