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Kane’s goal could not save Tottenham at the Anfield

Kane's goal could not save Tottenham at the Anfield

Harry Kane is an English professional football player and one of the most important parts of the England national football team. Kane is a prolific goal scorer and a top-rated penalty shooter. In every season of the Premier League, he used to score a good number of goals for his club Tottenham Hotspur and if we look at the statistics of Spurs, the match that the Spurs used to get the victory, Kane finds the net most of the time. Earlier today, Tottenham Hotspur faced their old rivals Liverpool and against them, the Spurs were defeated in the last season Champions League final. This time, the same thing has happened once again. Harry Kane’s goal could not save Tottenham at the Anfield!

Yes, Liverpool faced their old opponent Tottenham Hotspur at their home venue Anfield. In the first 48 seconds of the game, Tottenham scored their first goal. The Europe Champion has turned around within a very short time and kept the Spurs defense busy by making several attacks. But could not find the net in the first half. Finally, Henderson led the Reds on the track. Later, through the successful spot-kick of Mohamed Salah, the team of Jurgen Klopp kept their undefeated journey continues.

At the home venue of the Reds, the home team won the Premier League match by a 2 - 1 goal earlier today. After the beginning of the game, the Anfield became shocked when the Spurs went ahead. The long shot of the Korean star Son Heung-Min was touched by the Croat defender Lovren and stopped by the post. Harry Kane got the loose ball and through the head, he found the net. In 24th minute of the game, through the counter-attack, the guest team gave the Red test of fear. Within a moments difference, they escaped the Reds goalkeeper Alisson but could not give the final touch. 

Since the beginning of the game, Liverpool dominated considering the ball possession and in 27th minute, they got their first real chance. But the Argentine goalkeeper Gazzaniga saved the Spurs. He stopped the shot of Salah which was taken just outside of the box and later, stopped the shot of Firmino as well. Three minutes later, once again the Argentine stopper saved the guest team.

In 52nd minute of the 2nd half, Henderson’s goal led the Reds returned to the game. The Reds were desperate and made attacks once after another. In 75th minute, they got a penalty and Salah’s successful spot-kick recured the victory of the Reds.

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