Liverpool found the 1st victory in the Champions League

Liverpool which is the current Champions League winner but they could not start the new season of the UCL journey as the defending champion. They were defeated in their first match of the UCL against the Italian club Napoli. Though it was the away match but still, the Italian club found the victory against the champion of the UCL. However, Liverpool found the 1st victory in the Champions League! Yes, earlier today, the Reds played the 2nd round of the UCL group stage and this time they faced Salzburg and won by a 4 – 3 goals.

Liverpool which team started the new season of the Champions League with the defeat but at the beginning of the 2nd round, they went ahead by three goals and was about to find an easy victory. But the opponent team Salzburg turned around and scored three goals as well but their speed was finished there. And the apprentices of Jurgen Klopp went ahead once against and found the first victory in the Champions League. 

Liverpool which team has been placed into the group where the rest members are Salzburg, Napoli and Genk. Liverpool won the seven goals match by a 4 – 3 goals. For the Reds, Mohamed Salah scored two goals where Sadio Mane and Robertson scored one goal each. For the club of Austria, Hwang Hee-Chan, Minamino and Haland found the net so far.

Since the beginning, the match became contesting and both teams defence had to be taken the hard exam by the opponent. In the meantime, Mane led the Reds ahead in the 9th minute of the game. He went to the box from the midfield and passed it to the Brazilian star Firmino. And, in return ball, the Senegal forward Mane escaped the goalkeeper successfully. Inthe 25th minute of the game, Liverpool increased the goal difference. 

Based on the understanding of the two defenders, the Reds found the net. Scottish left-back Robertson scored the 2nd goal. In the 30th minute of the game, Salah missed a chance to increase the difference but in the 36th minute, the Egyptian star did not miss more but wrote his name on the scoresheet. The head of Firmino was stopped by the goalkeeper but in return ball, Salah made a speedy shot that found the net.

In the 39th minute, Salzburg scored a goal and reduced the goal difference. And, in the 2nd half, within four minutes, they scored two goals and returned to the game. Finally, in the 69th minute, Mohamed Salah scored the match-winning goal and so, the Reds found the victory at the Anfield.