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Manchester City destroyed Aston Villa By 3 – 0

Manchester City destroyed Aston Villa By 3 - 0

In the first half, Manchester City lept the pressure to their opponent team Aston Villa but could not find the net. But just after the break, the whole picture has been changed. Within 24 minutes, the team of Pep Guardiola scored three goals. So, Manchester City destroyed Aston Villa By 3 – 0!

Considering the 2nd half, Machester City found the easy victory though they struggled in the first half. At the home venue Etihad Stadium, earlier today, Man City won the Premier League match by a 3 – 0 goal. The three goal scorers are Raheem Sterling, Kevin de Bruyne and Gundogan. By find the 2nd consecutive victory, Pep Guardiola’s team has returned to the 2nd position.


Just four days ago, in the Champions League, within 11 minutes Sterling made the amazing hat-trick and in the match today, he was like that amazing form. Before the break, he created an amazing chance. His cut back went to the penalty spot where David Silva got it in the blank place. His Conakry shot went outside of the post. But after the break, Sterling led his team ahead. He was passed from Gabriel Jesus and by leaving behind the defenders, the English midfielder found the net. In the new season of Premier League, it is his 7th goal. Within just five minutes, Man City found the net twice times and took control of the game. 

In 65th minute, the curve shot of Kevin de Bruyne went into the net but before that Silva wanted to touch but did not. Due to the own fault of the guest team, Aston Villa conceded the 3rd goal. The ball came from the corner and the guest team failed to clear the ball. The German midfielder Gundogan got the ball and escaped the goalkeeper. In 87th minute of the game, Fernandinho fouled and was given the 2nd yellow card. So, Man City became ten men’s squad. In the additional minutes of the game, the guest team got a certain chance of reducing the difference but the shot of McGinn was stopped by the post. So, Man City left the ground with a big victory.

Before the match of Man City, Leicester City played their 10th round and beat Southampton by a 9 – 0 goal and jumped to the 2nd position. But after getting the 2nd consecutive victory, Man City has reclaimed their position so far.

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