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Lionel Messi is dismay and is considering leaving the club

Messi is dismay and is considering leaving the club

It has been known for some time that Leo Messi will not end his career in Barcelona. The Argentine once admitted that his dream is to play for a club he loved in his childhood, Newell’s Old Boys. Messi is dismay and is considering leaving the club.

However, It turns out that the winger can still play somewhere along the way because until the end of his career and may leave in a year. How is this possible?


According to Cadena SER  website that Messi was to order the suspension of contract talks which concerned the extension of his contract. The current document expires exactly in a year. Then the Argentine will be able to leave the capital of Catalonia for free without any obligations. The suspension of negotiations when there is so little time left until the end of the contract is a clear signal that something does not match the player. What in this case?

Cadena SER website also claims that Messi already has a hole in his nose about what is happening around the club. First of all, he is to be furious that the biggest criticism for the poor performance of the team falls on him. It’s certainly frustrating but Messi must be prepared for such situations because he is the best player in the club and one of the best in the world.

Something extra is always expected of such players, so if they can’t give it to a team, they will be reminded. Cristiano Ronaldo also faces such accusations regularly. However, Messi is disturbed by the club’s policy and the way the whole team is built.

Barcelona actually makes very strange transfer decisions which even lead to the fact that the first composition of Barcelona has a fairly high average age and there are not many younger alternatives.

In addition, the employment of Quique Setien turned out to be the wrong decision. It turned out that the Spaniard is simply too poor manager for such a big club because he can barely grasp it, which can be seen with the rest of Barcelona’s results.

However, Messi is simply trying to win a raise in this way.  if this is how the team captain’s negotiation and the living legend of the club should look like, then what is wrong. The Argentinean deserves all the money in Barcelona, so if he has to bargain for it in this way, then he must openly criticize both his attitude and management.

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