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Lionel Messi needs to rest but the scoreline was too tight - Quique Setien

Lionel Messi needs to rest but the scoreline was too tight

Lionel Messi has played all matches that have been staged already. At the press conference, the Barca boss stated that they do not get the opportunity to give him the expected rest. Lionel Messi needs to rest but the scoreline was too tight.

After almost three months, the season 2019/20 has been resumed once again. After that in the league, Barcelona has played nine matches already. And at all times, Lionel Messi played the whole time. The main reason behinds it was the performance of the team. Barcelona cannot provide solid performance. They played a good match but the next match was not as expected. 


Before the break, Barcelona was on the top of the point table. But because of their poor performance, they could not hold it but lost the position already. And the most successful team Real Madrid took the chance. As a result, the chance of keeping the league throne at the Nou Camp has become poorer. In the meantime, out of the nine matches, Barcelona lost points three times. And, the matches they managed the victories, Lionel Messi played a vital role all the time. 

Now, if we consider the last match against Real Valladolid, the Catalan club won by a 1 - 0 goal at their away venue. Lionel Messi’s amazing pass in the 15th minute of the game helped to score the goal. Arturo Vidal has done the most important job.

After the Real Valladolid match, Quique Setien attended the press conference and revealed that Lionel Messi needs to rest. At the same time, he has understood the hardest reality. In the future, he is planning to give Messi a little rest. Setien told him earlier that if they could score more goals against Valladolid and they actually deserved that, Setien could take him from the ground and so, he could use some rest. But that did not happen. 

After defeating Real Valladolid, Barcelona has reduced the differences with Real Madrid to just one. After the 36 matches in La Liga, Barcelona has gathered 79 points so far. Real Madrid played 35th round but with the highest 80 points, they are on the top. In the upcoming Thursday, the team of Setien will face Osasuna.

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