Messi is frustrated for their childish mistakes in Supercopa

Earlier yesterday, Lionel Messi’s team Barcelona played the 2nd semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup against Atletico Madrid. In the last five minutes of the game, they conceded two goals and so, their dream of moving to the finals or winning the title remains unfinished for the year. The Barca captain Messi is frustrated with their childish mistakes. The Argentine star is not ready to accept such performance from his team. In the rest of the season, the Barca forward wants to improve their performance.

At the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Saudi Arabia, yesterday, the semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup took place. In the first semi-final, Real Madrid beat Valencia and moved to the final. So, everybody thought to see an El Clasico in the final. But the calculations went wrong. Barca could not get the victory against Atletico Madrid but faced the defeat by a 3 – 2 goals. In the first minute of the 2nd half, Barca went behind and later, Messi and Griezmann led the La Liga champion ahead. But at the end of the game, within just five minutes, they conceded two goals and lost control of the game.

In the 81st minute of the game, the Barca goalkeeper Neto fouled the opponent player into the box and so, Atletico Madrid got the penalty. Through the successful spot-kick, Morata led the team to return to the game. And in the 86th minute, from the midfield, Correa went to the box quickly and his speedy shot could not be stopped by Neto. In the match, Barcelona was ahead most of the time but finally, they could not taste the victory. The five minutes changed their fate and Messi cannot accept that. He wants his teammates to return to their best form. The six-times Ballon d’Or winner wants to win the rest matches in the season.

In the match against Atletico Madrid, Barcelona players made some childish mistakes and Messi does not want to make the same mistakes later. In the first 80 minutes, they controlled the game but all of a sudden, they lost control. It is so pathetic for them no doubt. Now, Messi is thinking about the 2nd part of the season. Yes, they have to make huge improvements to their games. In the league, they are holding the top position but they are not playing like the champion. Now, they have to return to the track.