Messi magic destroyed Valladolid at the Camp Nou

Lionel Messi is finding himself as well as his best performance gradually, a couple of days ago, the Argentine star told that. Now, the Barca star has proved that he told the truth. The 32nd years old forward assisted twice times and the most amazing fact is, through the amazing free-kick, LM10 found the net. So, we can say that Messi magic destroyed Valladolid at the Camp Nou! At the home venue of Barcelona, earlier today against Real Valladolid, Barcelona won by a 5 – 1 goal. The rest three goals scorers for the La Liga champion are Lenglet, Vidal and Suarez. Through the victory, the team of Ernesto Valverde has returned to the top of the league point table.

The home team went ahead by the lucky goal we can say against Valladolid. In the 2nd minute of the game, the ball which was touched by a number of players but Lenglet made a shot that went to the net by touching a defender. So, the home team went ahead. In the 15th minute, the Spanish midfielder Michel made the cross which was not so dangerous but Ter Stegn who tried to stop the ball. In return ball, the Spanish defender Kiko Olivas found the net. So, the guest team Real Valladolid returned to the game.

In the 26th minute of the game, De Jong made the cross from almost 26 yards but Vidal could not head it properly and so, missed the chance. Three minutes later, the Chilean midfielder Vidal found the net. Lionel Messi made the shot from 25 yards to Vidal and with the proper volley, the Chilean star found the net.

And just a few minutes later, the amazing moment came. Lm10 made the amazing free-kick. from 27 yards, he made the curve shot which could not be stopped by the goalkeeper. It would perhaps, no goalkeeper could able to stop the shot. It went to the net clearly. 

Including the goal, Messi has found the net consecutive three league matches and overall four matches considering all the competitions. At the beginning of the 2nd half, Fati could increase the difference but he could not take a proper shot. In 75th minute, once again Messi magic! Rakitic passed the ball by escaping the defenders and Mesi controlled it by his thigh and made the strong shot that went to the net.

Two minutes later, Suarez scored his first goal in the match and Messi once against assisted. So, the home team Barcelona beat Real Valladolid by a 5 – 1 goal.