Messi-Pique tried to bring Neymar at the Nou Camp

In the last transfer window, Messi-Pique tried to bring Neymar at the Nou Camp! Also, their club Barcelona made their highest effort to bring down the Brazilian poster boy but they failed to make that happen. They made several contacts with the French giants PSG but could not come to the agreement. So, at least one more season, Neymar will have to stay at the Parc des Princes. Yes, it is still confusing about the effort of the Catalan club, according to the Argentine forward Messi. Messi-Pique still not confirmed about it but it is certainly true that the players of Barcelona tried to bring Neymar at the Nou Camp! If there is a little doubt, Pique cleared that earlier today.

The Barcelona defender attended a radio program which has been arranged by the Spanish radio. In that program, Pique revealed everything they tried to bring the PSG forward. In the last transfer window, in exchange for 120 million Euro, Barcelona brought Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid and so, it was difficult for them to spend another big amount for Neymar. Besides, by adding Griezmann, the salary range has been increased no doubt. In the circumstances, team Barcelona tried to bring Neymar by finding an alternative way.

By coming to the function El Larguero, Pique stated that they did not collect the fund for Neymar but told to the club President to change their agreement a little. They also knew the fact of financial fair play. So, they told to the President that if needed, they were ready to reduce their salary in the first year and then it can be returned to the 2nd and 3rd year as well.

This kind of offer was not new for the players of Barcelona. In the year 2015, club Barcelona faced the financial problem and the highest-earning player Messi reduced his salary for the first year. Obviously, Barcelona returned it in the 3rd and 4th years. This time, the players wanted to do the same. But it did not work. The players accepted what the club told them. They wanted to help the club escape the financial fair playing rule. They did not have any problem to do that. Yes, the club also took certain steps to bring Neymar but the other problems stopped him from coming to the Camp Nou.