Neymar has landed in Barcelona for his court case against FC Barcelona

Don’t be so surprised to see the headline. It is completely true. Neymar has landed in Barcelona for his court case against FC Barcelona. No need to be so happy. The Brazilian star has not come to join at the Camp Nou. Also, he ha not come to impress the audience by his magical performance. But his return he increased the tension of Barca officials, it is certain. Not at Camp Nou but he has come to show his ‘play’ at the court of Barcelona. Don’s understand? Let’s find out the details.

This thing started when Neymar played for the Spanish giants Barcelona. To be specific, we are talking about the fact of the last October 2016. In that time, Neymar played alongside Messi and Suarez at the Nou Camp. He was quite happy no doubt. They made a tremendous attacking form which was short named as ‘MSN’ also. They led Barcelona to the La Liga and Champions League title. Then it was thought that after Messi, Neymar will be the leader of the Catalan club. So, the Barca board extended his contract and according to the new agreement, Neymar will stay at the Catalan club till 2022. 

If we look at the conditions of the agreement, one of them was so important. Neymar was about to get a bonus which was known as the ‘Loyalty Bonus’ if he ignores the calls from the different club whole the time during his contractual period. In that case, Barcelona will give him 40 million Euro Loyalty Bonus. It was a prize of staying loyal to the Camp Nou.

But, within a year of renewing his contract, the picture was changed completely. The Brazilian winger already realised that if he was to stay at the Camp Nou, he could not be the main player as Messi. He could not overtake Messi but in the rest of his professional career, he was about to be the shadow of the Argentine Leo. So, he could not refuse the call from the Paris Saint Germain. He left the Camp Nou to the Parc des Princes to become ‘Messi’ there. He broke the condition by leaving Barcelona and as usual, he will not be received the ‘Loyalty Bonus’. And, Barcelona did not give him that. The Brazilian forward became angered for that. Before leaving the Camp Nou, Neymar collected near about 14 million Euro out of 40 but rest 26 million Euro remain unpaid.

So, Neymar filed a case against Barcelona and from the last two years, the case is running. Now, according to the report, Neymar has returned to Barcelona for attending the court.