OFFICIAL: Malcom chose Russia and signed a contract with Zenit Saint Petersburg

There is no sensation and on the other Malcom chose Russia. Yes, Officially Malcom signed a contract with Zenit Saint Petersburg, as it has been written for several days, on the other brought him out of Barcelona throughout Europe. The Russians can enjoy such a purchase but this is not how he imagined his career as a Brazilian winger.

Malcom’s Barcelona adventure ended quickly. He played 22-year-old in Barcelona and spent less than 1100 minutes on the ground,  he recorded very poor statistics. He is gone. He could go to Roma, as he was supposed to be but he tempted a better club which chewed on him dispassionately and spat out like a flush that falls into his mouth while riding a bicycle.

A year ago, Barcelona paid Bordeaux 41 million euros and now Zenit St. St. Petersburg put 40 million euros on the table and gave the Brazilian a 5-year contract.

The Pride of Barcelona made a good deal because it regained almost all the money thrown in this purchase. The money spent on the salary of Malcom will not be refunded but it can be assumed that the sold shirts and other crap somehow compensated for these few million.

Zenit certainly made a great move because the Russian league is not weak, it is not a European leader. And the 22-year-old would be a reinforcement in teams theoretically stronger (or at least equal) from the team from St. St. Petersburg, playing in Spain, Italy or England.

The only question is what will happen with Malcoma now? The Russian league is quite specific and is not always an appropriate determinant of the quality of a given player. As you know, clubs there can pay well but Russia is still not a direction that is associated with prestige and dreams come true.

However, it seems that if the Brazilian embraces and returns to form from Bordeaux, it can be people in slightly warmer regions of the Old Continent.