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OFFICIAL: Rafael Leao new partner of AC Millan attack

Officially Rafael Leao new partner of AC Millan attack

AC Milan quickly filled up the emptiness created after the transfer of Patrick Cutrone. AC Milan take an example from Arsenal and joined the demolition of Lille. so, Officially Rafael Leao new partner of AC Millan attack.

In financial terms, the AC Milan did not make a good deal. A pupil from Milan moved to England for euros 18 million, the price for a Portuguese striker was euros 30 million. The Italians are bringing together a footballer who played only the first major season in senior football. However, It must be admitted that it has had a phenomenal season.


The 20-year-old decided to move to France practically immediately after he realized that there were practically no prospects in the club that brought him up. He came to Sporting Clube de Portugal at the age of 13 but in the first team he played only five games in all competitions.

The club from Lisbon disposed of Rafael Leao practically without regret because Lille did not spend a penny on the transfer of the striker. It was a golden business because Rafael Leao had a great time in the puzzle of trainer Christophe Galtier.

The Portuguese proved to be an important player in the offensive. If it were not for the Rafael Leao-Nicolas trio Pepe-Jonathan Bamba, Lille could practically only dream of winning the French runner-up which in Ligue 1 can be treated almost like a championship after all, PSG plays in his own league.

The youngest of the mentioned group of players that is Rafael Leao had on his eight hits and two assists. Perhaps the number of goals does not make a big impression but in the entire French league we find only one player before the twenty-first year of life who scored more goals. It is of course Kylian Mbappe.

And besides, Rafael Leao belongs to the honorable group of players born after January 1, 1999 who have scored eight or more goals in Europe’s leading leagues. Only Kai Havertz and Jadon Sancho can boast of such an achievement.

Recently, AC Milan has already employed the Portuguese. He was Andre Silva who does not remember his stay in San Siro very well. You have to keep in mind that Rafael Leao can follow his compatriot’s path. For now, all this is sphere of speculation but Rafael Leao received a five-year contract.

A young Portuguese man has many years to convince himself. Only the French rub their hands because they waited for a huge injection of cash.

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