OFFICIAL: Romelu Lukaku transfer saga finally finished in Inter Milan

The transfer saga with the participation of Romelu Lukaku dragged on for a very long time and although at one point it seemed that it would end in Turin, it finally finished in Milan. We can say that officially Romelu Lukaku transfer saga finally finished in Inter Milan. Now, the Belgian striker is an Inter player.

Inter Milan presented their player through their social media. Interestingly, it wasn’t just a player announcement with a million emoji entry but a short and meaningful video. Lukaku presents himself with the slogan “Not for Everyone” claiming that he is on the Internet precisely because not everyone can afford it and the very presence there is a real distinction.

The Belgian ultimately cost around 80 million euros and signed a contract that will connect it with Inter Milan by the end of June 2024.

Is this a good decision? Hard to say. Until recently Inter Milan was in a similarly embarrassing situation as Manchester United today. This can be reversed at any time which will make Belgian regret his move.

However, The more likely option is moderate success which will largely be guaranteed not by Lukaku or anyone else  by Antonio Conte.