Vardy’s Return to England does not expect by Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers, the manager of English Premier League club Leicester does not expect Jamie Vardy to end England’s retirement despite his superb form this season. Vardy, who is linked to join the England international football team after needing surgery of the captain of Three Lions Harry Kane after a tendon burst on his left hamstring. According to the news, Vardy’s return to England does not expect by Rodgers.

In August 2018, Vardy took retirement from England team and now recently admitted by Southgate this 32-year-old “ he is a pre-made player and he could come in if we think that was the right thing to do”. In March, With Kane’s disappearance in Italy and Denmark’s friendship, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Southgate may return to Vardy.

However, Rodgers did not see this happen and he said no. “Jamie made his decision on him. He was always outspoken and I don’t think that’s true.”

But Rodgers has no doubt that Vardy can still do his best for the Three Lions. As the 46-year-old added “ There is no question whether he will be able to play for England. But the question is whether he wants or not.”

Rodgers has noted the benefits of the new freshman Vardiy not flying away for international duty, with the high-flying Fox announcing the awards this season. The boss of Leicester said

I don’t think it’s just playing, but sometimes it’s travel. Sometimes when you go international you may not get that much training, but it is the journey and everything around it, It gave him a chance to refresh, spend some time with his family, do some different work at the club, and obviously when we started back, he always seemed to be fit and running to go. Any player who goes up to that level will tell you that after their career, when they quit international football and they have extra time to recover, it is for them.

With Vardy at the top of the Premier League goals chart this season, it’s natural to try to woo the Fox star from England boss Gareth Southgate’s self-imposed exile.