Cristiano Ronaldo has forgotten of scoring goals from the free-kick

Yes, the referee gave the signal for the free-kick. It was an amazing chance of a scoring goal and so, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo came to take it. Earlier, when the thing happened, the opponent team started to fear because CR7 was one of the best free-kick takers. But now, his team started to fear that one significant chance of a scoring goal was going to miss. Yes, it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo has forgotten of scoring goals from the free-kick!

It seems impossible but in recent time, the impossible things have happened. Now, according to the statistics, CR7 is going to make a record! Yes, you are seeing right. Cristiano Ronaldo is still holding the record of scoring the highest goals from the free-kick. He has scored the highest 54 goals from the free-kick directly and Lionel Messi is standing on the 2nd position. He has scored 48 goals from the free-kick. But, nowadays, Cristiano cannot score goals from the free-kick. His club Juventus has not witnessed his free-kick goals yet. With the Old Lady, CR7 has already passed more than a season but could not score any free-kick goal yet.

In the last season, Juventus has broken the records of their club and brought the Portuguese forward. In the season of 2018/19, Cristiano became the highest scorer for the Old Lady. But the goals number was not enough and also CR7 himself was not satisfied. If we consider the last decade, it was the first season when Cristiano Ronaldo could not score more than 30 or at least 30 goals. Behind the scene, free-kick goals played a vital role no doubt. In the last week, he got the chance of scoring a free-kick goal against Verona. But, the former Real Madrid star wasted the chance.

Including his last free-kick against Verona, wearing the Old Lady jersey, Ronaldo has taken a total of 24 free-kicks. In Serie A, he has taken a total of 18 free-kicks. Not a single time, his shot found the net. Out of the 24, 15 were stopped by the player’s wall, two went outside of the goal post and the rest seven were stopped by the goalkeeper.

Failing consecutive 18 times in Serie A, Cristiano Ronaldo is on the way of making the record. In last season, Camillo Ciano made the record who took a total of 21 free-kick but could not find the net.