Barcelona is one of the most popular and powerful European football clubs and there will be any team hardy found which will not fear Barcelona. The generations after generations, Barcelona got some top-rated managers. Some of them are always remembered. But the current boss of Barcelona is not so popular among the fans of the club. Considering his fans, the peoples who dislike him are much greater in number. By bothering the fans, the Spanish manager will stay at the Camp Nou a few more months. Yes, according to the current report, Ernesto Valverde will not be sacked now!

In the league, Barcelona is dominating no doubt since long but the current squad of Barcelona is not so powerful or the appropriate word will be balanced under the guidance of Ernesto Valverde. Barcelona was so powerful in the era of Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique and at that time, they were simply unstoppable. But now, the situation is fully different. And for that reason, among the fans of Barcelona, most of them do not like Valverde. He completely changed the style of the Catalan club and lost dominance in Europe though they are quite successful at the home venue. The fans will not be pleased after hearing that Barca officials will not sack the coach currently but he will stay at the Nou Camp at the end of the season.

Yesterday, at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Barcelona went ahead by a 2 – 1 goal but in the last ten minutes, they concede two goals and lost the game against Atletico Madrid. It was so unfortunate or unexpected for the fans of Barcelona. Many people are comparing the defeat with 2018 Champions League when they were defeated against Roma unexpectedly. And also, in the last season of the UCL, they were defeated against Liverpool in the 2nd leg of the semi-final. In both cases, Barcelona was in a good position at the beginning but had to leave the ground with a huge disappointment. They were ruled out from the competition.

The most disappointing fact is that all three times, Barcelona was defeated under the guidance of Valverde. So, the fans of Barcelona want him out of the club. But, Barca officials kept their faith on the Spanish manager. This time, the situation remains the same. Barcelona President does not want to sack him in the middle of the season but gives him the chance till the end.