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Former Barca star Coutinho showing his true color wearing Bayern shirt

Former Barca star Coutinho showing his true color wearing Bayern shirt

Philippe Coutinho is a Brazilian professional football player and playing for the German club Bayern Munich. If we consider one of the best playmakers in recent times, we must add the name of the 27 years old player. But, he failed at the Camp Nou! We can also describe it in another way. Barca boss Valverde could not use him properly, now it seems. Because the former Barca star Coutinho showing his true color wearing Bayern shirt. Yes, by making five appearances with the German top club Bayern, the 27 years old playmaker already scored two goals. It presents that Barcelona will miss their gem for sure.

Earlier today, the current Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich played the 6th round of Bundesliga in the new season. And, based on the amazing performances of Coutinho-Gnabry, Bayern found an easy victory. Though the final goal was scored by the Polish striker Lewandowski. Coutinho who scored the 2nd goal for the German club and also assisted once. The same thing has been done by Gnabry as well. So, based on their performance, in Bundesliga, Bayern Munich beat Paderborn and secured the top position on the point table.

Paderborn which club has returned to the Bundesliga after four seasons and against them, Bundesliga champion managed a victory earlier today by a 3 - 2 goals. In the 15th minute, Gnabry led the champion ahead. From outside of the box, the Brazilian star Coutinho passed the ball and from the tough corner, the German footballer found his mark. After the break, by making a planned attack, Coutinho increased the goal difference. In the 55th minute, Gnabry passed the ball from the right side and Coutinho who has come to the club in the lat summer transfer from Barcelona touched it to the net. Wearing Bayern’s shirt, it was his 2nd goal in the season. 

In the 68th minute, by making a   shot, Proger reduced the goal difference. In the 79th minute, the Polish star Lewandowski made the scoreline 3 - 1. He was passed by his teammate and scored his 10th goal in the new season of Bundesliga. Five minutes later, through the goal of Collins, the home team reduced the goal difference once again. So, they just needed one more goal for making an amazing draw. But, finally, they could not stop Bayern Munich which club has started the new season for winning the Bundesliga title consecutive 8th times.

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