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The first ‘Madrid Derby’ was drawn at Wanda Metropolitano

The first 'Madrid Derby' was drawn at Wanda Metropolitano

Two big clubs in Madrid, Spain named Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid faced against each other just a few hours ago. And the fight between them used to call as ‘Madrid Derby’. And, the first ‘Madrid Derby’ was drawn at Wanda Metropolitano. By keeping their home secure, both teams planned to play aggressive football. So, the match consisted of attacks and counter-attack but the speedy football was not be enjoyed. No one could able to make a difference. The first ‘Madrid Derby’ finished with the draw at Wanda Metropolitano.

At the home venue of Atletico Madrid, earlier today, the first Madrid Derby in the new season was drawn by a 0 - 0 goal. Since the beginning of the game, Real Madrid kept the focus on their defence and also dominated the first half. But, before the break the best chance of getting by the home team Atletico. In the 8th minute, Costa passed the ball and Felix went to the box with the ball so aggressively but finally, missed his mark. Ten minutes later, Nacho made the cross and Bale was in a good position but his head could not find the net successfully.


Like before, the defence of Atletico Madrid was simply awesome and very effective. Especially, in the last summer transfer window, they bought English defender Trippier who was amazing against Real Madrid. Failing to break the opponent’s defence, the German star Kroos made some long shots but still, could not escape the Atletico goalkeeper Oblak. Both times, he stopped the shots in exchange for the corner. Also, Atletico young star Joao Felix made a long shot but could not change the scoreline. 

In the 2nd half, the match was going in the same way. Real Madrid got their best chance in the 57th minute. The cutback from Nacho was received by Gareth Bale into the box but missed the chance. In the 72nd minute, the corner from Koke, Saul made the head but missed.

Two minutes later, the team of Zidane could go ahead. But the head of Karim Benzema was stopped by Oblak. In the last five minutes, Real gave the pressure to the Atletico’s defence but the picture remains unchanged. As the only team, Real Madrid has still unbeaten in the new season of La Liga. By playing seven matches, they have gathered 15 points and holding the top position.

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