Rodrygo and Vinicius will become successful players

The two young forwards of Real Madrid named Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior have come from Brazil. As the young stars, their starting at the Bernabeu is quite impressive. After playing several years when they will gather experience, Rodrygo and Vinicius will become successful players! Yes, the former Barca boy Neymar hopes that. Neymar who is currently playing for the French club Paris Saint Germain started the new year quite well. Yesterday, his team managed a wonderful victory against Saint Etienne in the French League Cup. The most expensive player found the net once in the match. He believes that Rodrygo and Vinicius will become successful players than their current situation.

The legendary player of Brazil Pele and one of the best players in the World in recent time Neymar once played for the Brazilian club Santos. Yes, the 19 years old Rodrygo also played for the same club and from there, he has been bought by the Spanish giants Real Madrid in the year of 2018 in exchange for more than four crores Euro. But at that time, his age was not perfect for the club and so, he moved to the Bernabeu in the last July 2019. In exchange for the same amount, the other forward of Brazil named Vinicius has come to Real Madrid but he was from another Brazilian club Flamengo.

In the ongoing season, both players are shining like new toys. In La Liga and Champions League, Rodrygo played a total of 14 matches and scored six goals so far. At the same time, he assisted twice times as well. On the other side, Vinicius Junior has played a total of 16 matches in the season but scored two goals so far. He also assisted once as we speak. The local players of Neymar are doing well in European football which makes the most expensive player so proud.

According to the Brazilian poster boy Neymar, both Rodrygo and Vinicius are top-rated players and wearing the Real’s shirts, they are proving themselves. They will win the titles and enjoy the competition of European football no doubt. Along with gathering the experiences when they will be matured, then they will become good players than now. In Brazil, people always to get fame quickly. They want to see Rodrygo and Vinicius as the successful players now. But Neymar just wants to enjoy their game.