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Two Brazilians led Real Madrid to the top position

Two Brazilians led Real Madrid to the top position

Real Madrid started like new in their last match. The experienced players took rest and so, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo impressed the audiences. The two Brazilians led Real Madrid to the top position! Yes, by defeating Osasuna, the apprentices of Zidane secured their position on the top of the La Liga point table.

At the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid won by a 2 - 0 goal against Osasuna. In the first half, Vinicius Junior led the team ahead of Osasuna. In the 2nd half, he has been replaced by Rodrygo. In the 73rd minute, Rodrygo made the scoreline 2 - 0.


Real Madrid which team beat Sevilla in their last La Liga match but from there against Osasuna, Zidane made a total of eight changes in the first eleven. Most of the regular players were not in the main eleven. Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, James, Eden Hazard were not in the first eleven. And Eeden Hazard was not even in the squad.

Where the main players of the attacking division were absent and so, the attack started slowly. It was not so sharp. Sometimes, the opponent team made a number of attacks to the Real’s post. The match became contesting which consisted of attack and counter-attack. In the 18th minute of the game, Real Madrid was about to go ahead. Raul Navas was about to make a suicidal goal. Later, Jovic got the ball but the forward missed the chance. In the 36th minute, Vinicius Junior led the team ahead. He was passed by Toni and from outside of the box, the Brazilian forward made a bullet speed shot that escaped the goalkeeper. Vinicius Junior celebrated his first goal in the new season. 

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Jovic got the chance of increasing the goal difference but he missed the chance once again. In the 57th minute, he found the net but through the VAR, the referee cancelled the goal due to the off-side.

In the 71st minute, in the place of the Vinicius Junior, another Brazilian Rodrygo was grounded and within 93rd seconds, he scored his first goal and celebrated his debut game for Real Madrid. He got the ball just outside of the box and made some dribbling. By escaping the defenders, he went into the box and found the net. Real Madrid has got consecutive third victory in the La Liga. Now, playing six matches, they have gathered 14 points and moved to the top position. On the other side, Osasuna got the first test of defeat in the Spanish competition this season.

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