To become the greatest of all time, Messi must move to Real Madrid

Lionel Messi is undoubtedly is one of the two best footballers in the current time as well as one of the greatest of all time. But, to become the greatest, what is left that Messi has not possessed already? Different football legends used to give different opinions on Leo. Some say, Messi is already the greatest of all time but some others say the different. They used to say if the Argentine forward can win a World Cup wearing his national team jersey, he will be regarded as the greatest then. Also, some people think that Leo should prove himself in the different leagues by leaving La Liga like Cristiano. But the former Boca Juniors goalkeeper claimed that to become the greatest of all time, Messi must move to Real Madrid!

And if Barcelona captain would be able to provide the best performance in different leagues, he will get the title of becoming the greatest. So, he must move to the English Premier League or Italian Serie A, according to some people. But right now, one has been found who is thinking it differently. He thinks that Messi must leave Barcelona and joined at the Santiago Bernabeu to become the greatest. Cristiano did amazing there and so, Messi should do it as well. And, if he should fail, there will be no difference between Messi and other good footballers.

The player who is thinking like this is a local player in Messi. He is the former Boca Juniors goalkeeper Hugo Gatti. Wearing the Argentine club’s jersey, he won the two Copa Libertadores but could not win a World Cup as well. Gatti thinks that to become the greatest of all time, Messi has to cross a long way still. He also added that he is not the rival of his local team player or not the rival of Argentina, but Messi should perform in the important matches. Before that he can never be the greatest of all time.

To the former goalkeeper Gatti, not Barcelona but Real Madrid is the best club in the World. He presented an example of Cristiano Ronaldo who played for the best club in the Word and did some amazing records. But Messi played in a club which is too familiar to him. First, he has to make a good performance in the World Cup and Champions League. Only then, he can be compared with Pele or Maradona. Messi only performed at his home venue when everything was on his side. It is easy to become king at the home venue.