Lionel Messi is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He is an Argentine football genius who is playing for the Spanish giants Barcelona. If we consider his statistics, the fans expect from him a lot. In the last season of Copa America, Argentina faced Brazil in the semi-final and was defeated. Later, Messi went on vacation with family. When he returned to the Camp Nou for the pre-season matches, he faced the injury and missed the first few rounds of the new season of La Liga. He made the first eleven with the team in the last match in La Liga but once again, he has been ruled out for the injury. Now, it seems that Leo Messi made the worst start in the new season!

Yes, LM 10 is facing another injury. His left thing has been injured and he will miss the next few matches once again. He fought with the injury at the beginning of the season and now, once again the same injury attacked him. It is his worst season starting no doubt. Just a few days ago, he was recovered from the thing injury. But in the day he returned on the ground, he suffered from the same injury.

In the day before yesterday, Messi played against Villarreal for the first time in the season with the starting eleven. But his injury has not been recovered which was proved within the 30 minutes of the game. He was defeated against the same thigh once again. At least he played in the first half desperately but could not take part in the 2nd half. At the beginning of the 2nd half, Barca coach replaced him and so, the Barca fans started to feel the tension. Once again, for an uncertain time, Lionel Messi has been ruled out from the ground. Earlier, Lionel Messi could not make such start like the season.

In the pre-season, Lionel Messi faced his first injury in the season. He was suffered for the injury a lot. For the injury, he missed the first few matches. After returning from the injury, he was almost good for the last nine days and now, once again, he faced the same luck. Now, Messi would want to forget the starting of the season.

As usual, in the next week, Barcelona will have to play against Getafe excluding Lionel Messi. It is still not clear when the Argentine legend will return. It seems that he will miss the next Champions League match which will take place on 2nd October 2019 against Inter Milan.