Messi has been off from the ground for indefinite time

Yes, Lionel Messi has been off from the ground for indefinite time! He is suffering from the injury. The same injury he just recovered from. Near about nine days! The time he was almost okay but when he made the entry with the first eleven with Barcelona, the injury got him.

Barcelona coach Valverde has failed to give any date about his return on the ground but it is so sure that, he is missing for next couple of matches. In the new season, Lionel Messi came to join with the squad back on 5th August 2019. After the Copa America, he left the ground for a vacation and returned in that time. But in his first practice day, he fell into the thigh injury. More than one month, the Argentina captain was not with the squad but suffered from injury. Later, in the last week, against Borussia Dortmund in the UCL and Granada in La Liga, LM10 was grounded as the replaced player. 

And in the last Tuesday against Villarreal, Barcelona won by a 2 – 1 goal and in the new season, as the first time Messi was grounded with the first eleven. But within just 30 minutes, he was injured again and so, after the break, the Argentine number 10 could not continue the game.

After the match, Barcelona coach Valverde added that it was not any serious injury but he feared for losing the best player once again. Now, earlier today, he attended a press conference where he stated that his fear has come true. Lionel Messi will miss a number of matches. And it is still unknown when the best player in the World will return.

Valverde claimed that he does not know how long Messi will be off from the ground but he hopes that LM10 will recover soon. The injury is not so serious and they will see his next week improvement. The Catalan club will play their next match in La Liga against Getafe and surely, Messi will miss it. And just four days later, Barcelona will play the 2nd match of the Champions League and this time, their opponent will be Inter Milan at the Camp Nou. And in the next week, the La Liga champion will face Sevilla.

Barcelona boss also disclosed that it would be very good if they will get Messi within a short time. And if he fails to join, then they will miss someone who used to change the result.